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Greetings, internet denizens.

This blog is meant to focus on reviewing art (if you’d call it that) that is/has been/will be presented on television. So what better way to start off a blog about television shows than with a TV show about blogging? The new Disney Channel sitcom, Dog with a Blog, shows that humans aren’t the only living creatures that can blog, but they’re the only living creatures that should.

Brought to you by the guy who wrote 2000’s  Dude, Where’s My Car? (I’m not kidding),  this sitcom follows the escapades of a dog that can both talk and type as well as the unfortunate family that owns him. The show is stupid, but that would be putting it mildly. I’ll just mention what I like about this show first. Given the premise of the show, a good half of the appeal would come from the dog’s appearance, and the dog is pretty adorable (more so than a pit bull anyway).

Now you see how this show got green-lighted.

Also, the teenager in this TV show actually is a teenager. So that’s all the good I can say about this show.

On the bad side, well… watch it:

The dog was really cute… and then it opened it’s mouth and transformed into a CGI-laden hellbeast. Also, is it just me or is the ginger girl adopted? Because she’s painfully stupid. And if you think “stupid” = “well-rounded character”, then you probably already work for Disney Channel.

Beyond that, when it comes to TV shows/movies that include talking animals, the animals themselves usually have distinct personalities. For example, Brian from Family Guy (before he became Seth MacFarlene’s opinion) was intellectual and cynical, so when he acted like an actual dog (e.g. wanting to ride in the car, excited over playing fetch, etc.), it was legitimately out-of-character and thereby funny. But it doesn’t happen here. The dog’s personality is that he’s a dog that talks, which may have been new and exciting in the days of Mister Ed, but it’s tired and overused here. As for his blogging, see for yourself.

On another note, one of the main stakes of the TV show is keeping the talking dog a secret from the parents or else they’ll give him away. I can see why they’d give him away; I would, too, if my dog were that annoying.

The only thing I wish is that this show would get canned, so that the actors can move on to do better things. Like, the actor who voices the dog until now only made appearances on iCarly and another Disney show that’s being critically panned, so this could have been his big break. I just wish his big break wasn’t so stupid.


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2 responses to “Dog with a Blog”

  1. Hannah says :

    I love your show

    • Nikick says :

      Nikick says I love your show can I see you stand in person I want to be part of the cast I take acting class so write me back at this web site after this week.

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